Keeping An Eye On Vivint Solar

(Kris Tripplaar/Sipa USA/Newscom) IT16-vslr-052716-newscom Work trucks with Vivint Solar logos in Beltsville, Maryland on January 2, 2016. Photo by Kristoffer Tripplaar *** Please Use Credit from Credit Field *** (Newscom TagID: sipaphotosfive907938.jpg) [Photo via Newscom]

I am quite sure nothing good will come of this, but I have a close eye on Vivint Solar, $VSLR here. One of my RRGs tipped me off that $TAN (Solar ETF) was making a move towards the leading quadrant and may soon begin to outperform. Take a look at the volume profile of $VSLR… Continue reading Keeping An Eye On Vivint Solar

OmahaCharts Banks Coin in Netflix

This morning I took down my biggest win yet in Netflix puts. Due to my travel schedule and being away from the screens end of last week and through the weekend, I have very few open positions. One of the few however turned out to be my best realized gain of all time in short… Continue reading OmahaCharts Banks Coin in Netflix

The Harsh Reality Of Trading For A Living

“The game of speculation is the most uniformly fascinating game in the world. But it is not a game for the stupid, the mentally lazy, the person of inferior emotional balance, or the get-rich-quick adventurer. They will die poor.”  – Jesse Livermore Sadly, the storied career of the undisputed greatest trader of all time, ended… Continue reading The Harsh Reality Of Trading For A Living

John Paulson Goes From Hot To Not

Paulson Client Money Vanishes (Bloomberg) Markets Face Three Big Geopolitical Risks This Week (Bloomberg) Authorities Know London Terrorists’ Identities (NYPost) Shiller Says Market To Rise 50% (NYPost) Bitcoin Close Again To All Time High (BI) A Former Wall Street Banker Is Building India’s Largest Clean Energy Company ( Apple Downgraded (MarketWatch) Top Rated Stocks According… Continue reading John Paulson Goes From Hot To Not

Keeping A Watchful Eye On Rotation

Heading into a short trading week and the unofficial start to summer, there are a few charts we will want to keep an eye on in effort to keep a pulse on the overall tone of the market. A. Weekly RRG The weekly RRG shows risk off assets $TLT, $XLU, and $XLV have made a… Continue reading Keeping A Watchful Eye On Rotation

Post Memorial Day Reads

Tiger Woods Arrested For DUI, Blames Pills (Bloomberg) JPMorgan Upgrades UK Stocks (Reuters) Small Cap Tech Stocks That Are Ready For A Breakout (MarketWatch) Skepticism Mounts On Junk Bonds (WSJ) Could We See This Coming!?!! (Trading Analysis w/ Todd Gordon) Flying Too Close To The Sun (IBC) Money Manager Suing Online Troll To End Malicious… Continue reading Post Memorial Day Reads

Pandora Nears A Buying Point

Shares of the internet music streaming company have gone over about as well as a turd in the punch bowl as of late, but I think they are primed for a pop soon. Taking a look at a weekly chart of $P taking into account 2.5 years of price data, we can see from the Optex… Continue reading Pandora Nears A Buying Point

Graduation Day

I am happy to report that I have passed the 3rd and final exam of the Chartered Market Technician’s Program. For anyone that wants to gain an in depth understanding of the inner workings of price action, market theory, risk management, supply and demand dynamics, and quantitative techniques in attempt to find the consensus of… Continue reading Graduation Day

He Shoots, He Scores

I’m taking a victory lap this morning after I pinpointed a tactical entry in $USO a couple weeks back. Out of about 15 bad calls in the energy space and with regards to Crude Oil, I sank this putt. You may remember my post on oil being full of mathematical and statistical jargon that put… Continue reading He Shoots, He Scores

Leaving Money On The Table Can Be A Good Thing…

But it can make you fu#!ing downright ill sometimes. It’s hard to talk about so I’ll just show you the chart… I entered $CYOU calls based on a a confirmation of several indicators, as well as a pullback to a VPOC. It was the first time this year that three indicators I pay close attention… Continue reading Leaving Money On The Table Can Be A Good Thing…