An Important Announcement From The Desk Of Omahacharts

Omahacharts Elite Member Service Described As "Legit As Fu*k"

Friends of OmahaCharts,

You might have noticed that over the past few months, has undergone a drastic makeover. What started as a basic online diary of concepts I was mastering as I progressed through the CMT Program, turned into a more interactive learning environment. For two years I have detailed positions I take (win or lose) in stocks, options, futures and cryptocurrencies. I have gotten the opportunity to meet some of the readers of this site in person and have emailed back and forth with many more.

Recently, I partnered with one of my CMT Sponsors, Marius Alexe, CMT as well as several developers who have assisted me greatly in transitioning the site over to its own servers and helped with a full redesign. While my original provider got me started, as readership grew it was obvious that I needed something I could call my own if I was to grow with it. The website, as it stands today was created, with my approval on all, is over ten times as fast as the original. It allows me to more quickly interact with readers and affords me features I didn’t have initially. I hope that you have all enjoyed the updates and increased speed. Expect many more changes to come.

Without further ado, Marius and myself want to introduce to you an Elite Level Service brought to you by Omahacharts. Each weekend Marius and I use our own unique approaches and then collaborate on the coming week’s top U.S. equity picks as well as give a road map of the major U.S. Indexes. We will be doing this for ETFs in time and have something special planned for our friends in the institutional commodity trading business as well. At this moment, the U.S. Equity Letter is available and we have made some great calls (and some yet to work :)) We believe the letter can add to your process and give you a blueprint of the coming week along with some individual stocks that should serve to pay for the letter many times over.

If you visit the link here you can see the sample letters we have made available so you get an idea of what to expect: Omaha Elite Service

The letter comes out each week detailing the top stock picks as well as the index road map and commentary. It is complete with buy/sell zones and risk/reward analysis. We’ve added some of the first subscribers to Skype for access to us during the day. 52 letters a year, coming out each week for a grand total of $299 US Dollars. You get a
receipt with payment and we accept major credit cards. The idea stemmed from readers approaching me because they needed help. Nothing more. To be honest, I don’t care if we have 25 subscribers or 25,000. I see too many people out there chasing guru services and I am making it my mission to get traders and investors on the right track. We think this service is priced aggressively enough to add major value to your current process.  For $5.75 per week you will get to see and learn from two guys who spend the majority of their time trading and analyzing markets.

That my friends is as “salesy” as I can get. Don’t be surprised if you never see or hear me talk about this again. I’m not here to boost my trading account or get rich off of selling letters. I’m here to try and help you each individually find your way in the market. And don’t worry I’ll still be blogging and trading as usual, that won’t ever change.

Any questions, email me at and I want to sincerely thank you for your time and readership.

Trent Smalley, CMT & Marius Alexe, CMT