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Quantitative Technical Analysis & Long Term Asset Management.

As an active growth investor, the approach of OmahaCharts focuses on allocating to fast-growing companies with superior fundamentals backed by institutional sponsorship. The team at OmahaCharts specializes in using Quantitative Technical Analysis to time buys and emphasizes strict discipline with respect to managing risk.

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“The Market” Can Be Beaten

Happy President’s Day. With three day weekends comes extra time for market research, as well as catching up on all of the financial news I generally miss during the week. This weekend I came across a Forbes Article entitled, “Beating The Market Is Simple But Not Easy” and I wanted to take a few moments… Continue reading “The Market” Can Be Beaten

Just One Optimist’s Perspective

In 2011 I made my first ever trip to New York City. Growing up, we didn’t travel to places like that. For a small town Nebraska kid, it seemed out of reach, too expensive, and like somewhere I probably wouldn’t fit in. Working for DTN, a market data and analytics company I was asked by… Continue reading Just One Optimist’s Perspective

Going Short

JSPM-Omaha January 2021Performance Metrics

Good evening. The performance and statistics to follow will cover the JSPM-Omaha Growth Strategy YTD performance through the end of January. Clients invested in this strategy have demonstrated the proper risk tolerance and suitability for this style of investing. A more complete report will be done, as always, at the end of Q1 but providing… Continue reading JSPM-Omaha January 2021Performance Metrics

A Look Behind The Curtain

Recently I’ve received a few questions as to how I go about building a portfolio for either myself or a client. I thought it might be “fun” to put together a post that details out my process from top to bottom. What follows is an inside look at how I personally go about selecting securities… Continue reading A Look Behind The Curtain


A Freighting Theme Has Been Brought To Our Attention

Over the past several weeks, a theme has emerged that I wanted to take a moment to discuss. This situation has come up both with current as well as prospective clients and I wanted to put a short piece together which we can refer back to, hopefully for years to come. In my relatively short… Continue reading A Freighting Theme Has Been Brought To Our Attention

Santa Brought You A Rally in... Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin Price Target Fallacy

Some time has passed since my last post about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space. In case you hadn’t noticed, digital currencies have gone on a bit of a run… I am not an expert in this space and don’t follow the ins and outs of the blockchain or any of the alt coins. There are… Continue reading The Bitcoin Price Target Fallacy

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