More Than Just A Game

When I was a youngster, video games were an activity to pass the time. My neighborhood friends and I spent hours upon hours in front of our Nintendos, Segas, and Playstations. We were pretty competitive and some matches even got fairly heated. But at the end of the day these games were just that. Today,… Continue reading More Than Just A Game

Pure Technicals

We won’t waste any time. You can refer to these levels going forward for some major charts I (we) all watch. Starting with the one everyone talks about: A. Dow Jones Industrial Average A couple of things I am watching: Taking into account the major uptrend which started back in 2008, to all-time highs, we… Continue reading Pure Technicals

Have A Look At Nektar Therapeutics

Over the past couple of months we have seen biotechnology stocks take turns breaking out, oftentimes in a big way. As early as three months ago I began seeing this group as a whole setup in a bullish fashion. I highlighted this both on Twitter as well as in “The Chase For Performance Is On.”… Continue reading Have A Look At Nektar Therapeutics

It’s Time To Exit Longs In Retail

Good morning and happy Monday. After a thorough scan of markets over the weekend I put together a list of some of the best opportunities from a risk/reward perspective. One of these opportunities comes in the equal-weighted retail index XRT. Part of my analysis is using a Relative Rotation Graph which gives us a bird’s… Continue reading It’s Time To Exit Longs In Retail

Close Your Eyes And Start Buying Apple

Last night Apple announced a rare cut to its sales forecast due to slowing iPhone sales in China. The World’s second largest economy, China has released numbers showing that parts of its economy are slowing and that is putting pressure on markets globally. With respect to Apple specifically, today is sure to be a volatile… Continue reading Close Your Eyes And Start Buying Apple

Bitcoin Profit Target Achieved

Last Wednesday I did a post on the recent strength in Bitcoin, highlighting a near term profit target of approximately $4200. This has been achieved swiftly. There is no asset class which adheres to technicals and sentiment / investor psychology than cryptocurrency. When I look at Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc. I am armed with… Continue reading Bitcoin Profit Target Achieved

Santa Brought You A Rally in… Bitcoin?

On the anniversary of its all time high, Bitcoin has staged a rally in the face of a global risk off environment. Near the apex of the falling wedge pattern over the past month, you see some heavy sell volume which might signal capitulation. Investors in this cryptocurrency have been on a roller coaster ride,… Continue reading Santa Brought You A Rally in… Bitcoin?

A Scan Of The News Before The Holiday

Tesla Model 3 Gets Regulatory Nod For Production (Reuters) Why Investors Should Brace For A Devastating Oil Shock (MarketWatch) 10 Best Independent Beers For The 4th Of July (MarketWatch) The Best First Half For Global Stocks Since 2009 (TRB) Microsoft Reportedly Set To Lay Off Thousands (BI) Humanity Spent 1.6 Trillion Hours On Mobile Apps… Continue reading A Scan Of The News Before The Holiday

Biotech Stocks Not Done Yet

If you have been paying any attention to the U.S. Stock Market recently, you have seen the major rotation into Biotechnology stocks. Interest in the group may be correlated to the Obamacare repeal vote, but one chart in particular was all I needed to know that this rally was for real: $GILD Gilead the major… Continue reading Biotech Stocks Not Done Yet


CADDYSHACK, Chevy Chase, Michael O'Keefe, 1980.

There are 3 new letters after my name. Pretty cool huh? No? Well how about the last post when I told you to get into $VSLR? Take my advice? See the chart now? I shall return soon with more layup trades for you 🙂