A Look Behind The Curtain

Recently I’ve received a few questions as to how I go about building a portfolio for either myself or a client. I thought it might be “fun” to put together a post that details out my process from top to bottom. What follows is an inside look at how I personally go about selecting securities… Continue reading A Look Behind The Curtain

Times Like These

Good Evening. As a pre holiday gift to you all I wanted to take a moment and reflect onthe year that was. It’s not over yet of course, and a blog will soon follow going over Q4statistics in depth as well as how the JSPM-Omaha Growth Model has performedrelative to the market indexes, but now… Continue reading Times Like These

More Than Just A Game

When I was a youngster, video games were an activity to pass the time. My neighborhood friends and I spent hours upon hours in front of our Nintendos, Segas, and Playstations. We were pretty competitive and some matches even got fairly heated. But at the end of the day these games were just that. Today,… Continue reading More Than Just A Game

Keep An Eye Out For The “Deep V-Neck” This Spring

I’m tired. Exhausted in fact. I haven’t felt like blogging or talking about stocks or markets with anyone for awhile. It wasn’t a bad quarter for me personally, but I know the toll our current situation is taking on so many. I feel for those less fortunate, I feel for those out of a job,… Continue reading Keep An Eye Out For The “Deep V-Neck” This Spring

Adding Dynatrace To The Radar

In my weekend scans I came across a new company for the first time called Dynatrace. They IPO’d just a few months back and options began trading on the name in late October. Dynatrace is a software intelligence company providing application performance management, artificial intelligence for operations, cloud infrastructure monitoring, and digital experience management, with… Continue reading Adding Dynatrace To The Radar

An Important Announcement From The Desk Of Omahacharts

Friends of OmahaCharts, You might have noticed that over the past few months, Omahacharts.com has undergone a drastic makeover. What started as a basic online diary of concepts I was mastering as I progressed through the CMT Program, turned into a more interactive learning environment. For two years I have detailed positions I take (win… Continue reading An Important Announcement From The Desk Of Omahacharts

A Scan Of The News Before The Holiday

Tesla Model 3 Gets Regulatory Nod For Production (Reuters) Why Investors Should Brace For A Devastating Oil Shock (MarketWatch) 10 Best Independent Beers For The 4th Of July (MarketWatch) The Best First Half For Global Stocks Since 2009 (TRB) Microsoft Reportedly Set To Lay Off Thousands (BI) Humanity Spent 1.6 Trillion Hours On Mobile Apps… Continue reading A Scan Of The News Before The Holiday

Top Stories In What May Or May Not Be Fake News

Dan Loeb Makes His Biggest Bet Yet in Nestle (Bloomberg) Punkass Pharma Bro On Trial For Securities Fraud (Reuters) Apple and JPM Chasing Venmo (WSJ) Gold Traders Start Their Monday With A Mini Flash Crash (Business Insider) Facebook In Talks With Hollywood To Produce TV Shows (MarketWatch) $100 Billion Dollar Back Pain Industry A Hoax?… Continue reading Top Stories In What May Or May Not Be Fake News

Biotech Stocks Not Done Yet

If you have been paying any attention to the U.S. Stock Market recently, you have seen the major rotation into Biotechnology stocks. Interest in the group may be correlated to the Obamacare repeal vote, but one chart in particular was all I needed to know that this rally was for real: $GILD Gilead the major… Continue reading Biotech Stocks Not Done Yet


CADDYSHACK, Chevy Chase, Michael O'Keefe, 1980.

There are 3 new letters after my name. Pretty cool huh? No? Well how about the last post when I told you to get into $VSLR? Take my advice? See the chart now? https://omahacharts.com/single-post/2017/06/15/Keeping-An-Eye-On-Vivint-Solar I shall return soon with more layup trades for you 🙂