US Stocks Forecast Service


Our weekly advisory newsletter covering the major U.S. Indices and the coming weeks’ relative strength setups for sectors, styles and sizes. Traditional technical analysis principles applied to a proprietary, quantitative methodology giving you the best chance to achieve alpha in the several weeks directly ahead. This is the part of our Elite US Stocks Service delivered by web only.

  • SPX – S&P 500 Large Caps
  • MDC – S&P 400 Mid Caps
  • SML – S&P 600 Small Caps
  • INDU – Dow Industrials
  • TRAN – Dow Transportation
  • UTIL – Dow Utilities
  • RUI – Russell 1000 Index
  • RUT – Russell 2000 Index
  • NDX – Nasdaq 100 Index
  • COMPX – Nasdaq Composite Index

US Stocks Alerts Service


The best setups in the entire US stocks universe, form a risk-reward perspective, identified over multiple time horizons based on a combination of chart pattern recognition, relative strength and advanced quantitative technical analysis. The alerts are also part of our Elite US Stocks Service and are delivered via our web application and/or directly to your inbox.

  • NYSE – New York Stock Exchange
  • AMEX – NYSE American
  • ARCA – NYSE Arca
  • NASDAQ – Nasdaq
  • OTCBB – Pink Sheets BB
  • PSNYSE – NYSE Pink Sheets
  • PSAMEX – NYSE American Pink Sheets
  • PSARCA – NYSE Arca Pink Sheets
  • PSNAS – Nasdaq Pink Sheets
  • OTCQB – OTCQB Pink Sheets

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