Sometimes I find myself daydreaming about spending an afternoon with a ghost; someone who passed away a long time ago. In this daydream I am given a chance to catch them up on all that has happened in my life and in the World since their passing. This is an exercise I have found that works as a form of meditation, highlighting significant events that standout in my mind and serve to connect them with moments in time. In doing so, I experience every human emotion: sadness, anger, happiness, and often times hilarity.

My Dad passed away over 20 years ago and he is one of the ghosts I get to spend afternoons with from time to time. I have a grandpa and some uncles and a cousin I lost who was my age whom I also catch up with on occasion. Yesterday, Dad wanted to go to a dark bar that served cold beer and had a jukebox full of his favorite tunes. Who was I to argue?



Glad you could join me today, Dad. Nothing better going on up in Heaven?

You’re funny, now what are you drinking?

Coors light, with a glass.

I taught you well, didn’t I?

Seems that way. You were only around for 12 years and I’d say in the time you had with me, you did a hell of a job, but you’ll have to ask Mom for sure. I wasn’t an angel in my teens.

Neither was I. But times were different. Hell, I’m no angel now and I live among them!

Not surprising.

Well let me get you all caught up. Donald Trump is the President…

You said I raised you well, now you start by lying to me about the President?

No! I’m not lying, really. This guy found his way into the White House.

Jesus Christ and I thought I’d seen it all.

Well, you haven’t. In 1996 when you left us, Bruce Jenner was a man…

Oh my…

I trade stocks, options and futures now.

Do you remember me sitting at the table reading Money Magazine and how I showed you stock symbols and charts?

Of course I do, it is one of my earliest memories.

How is trading going?

It definitely has its ups and downs and very few understand me when I talk to them about it. But it is by far the most challenging game I have ever played.

You always did like a challenge, no doubt about that.

Most people spend the majority of their free time staring at their cell phones now instead of talking to who is in front of them.

Like the big bag phones they used to have in cars?

Not quite. These things are mini computers in our pockets now. They cause accidents, and a whole host of other problems we never dealt with when you were alive. But a lot of good comes out of them too. I’d love to take a picture with you but seeing as how you are a ghost I don’t suppose you’d show up in a picture.

You never know…

Your old favorite Steven Segal is still making movies, somehow..

That old fart still beating people up on the big screen huh? With a couple new hips and a gray ponytail.

How’s your Mom?

She’s well. She is busy caring for another pup she adopted. You ought to see if she wants to get a Rum and Coke sometime, you know that is her favorite.

It’s on my list. As long as she doesn’t make me dust the furniture or anything. I died so I don’t have to do that shit anymore. *laughs*

All those years on the road as a sales person, did you ever get burnt out or question yourself? Did you ever want to be something else?

I didn’t have a choice on the burnout thing. I had the family to take care of and that was priority number one. And, I was damn good at it. Everyone knew me and I never met an enemy. I fell into what I was good at, sure I thought about other things. But I wouldn’t change a thing. Look at how successful you and your brother became. Your Mom and I did pretty well don’t you think? And those phones in your hand 24 hours a day are likely contributing to your burnout. Connected all the time? No thank you.

That is why you loved the cabin in Branson so much?

Yes, downtime and time to unwind is what kept me going. I see you aren’t very good at that. Maybe it’s something you should work on..

Noted. I’ll try and take your advice pops. I suppose I better get back to work!

*laughs* Well, my days are pretty free so let’s do this again soon okay?

Deal. See you soon. Safe travels backs Dad.