January 24, 2022


Technical Analysis of Financial Markets

Omahacharts Elite Member Service Described As “Legit As Fu*k”

Omahacharts Elite Member Service Described As "Legit As Fu*k"

Family and Friends of Omahacharts,



Some of you may know that my partner Marius Alexe, CMT and I recently began a premium service product in our U.S. Equity Forecast and Stock Alerts Service. As the product nears the end of its second month, we have received praise from a few of our early Elite Members. We’re happy to see we gave you reasons to believe in us and we’re humbled by your words of support. It means a lot to us because unlike most other services we do view our success entirely tied to yours.


For those who aren’t aware, for the past two months we have done a weekly letter released over the weekend highlighting the major U.S. Indices (and others of interest) as well as the top 5-10 stock picks setups coming into the week. The content is much more than a stock picking service. Marius begins each letter with an overview of what to expect in the overall indices. Coming from institutional portfolio management, he has utilized a quantitative approach to technical analysis to produce an objective forecast for what is to come. He is a master of Elliot Wave analysis and blends that methodology with quantitative strategies in a way that is easy for the novice to understand and make sense of. Members have quoted Marius’ analysis as, “content that needs to be put in a new age technical analysis book” and “legit as f….” . We shared a good laugh about that but beneath the humour lies the reality that this work does make a hugely positive difference in people s lives.


My approach is one that resembles traditional technical analysis with what I would call “street cred” analysis. I have been watching the market almost tick for tick for a decade and I credit my success to the thousands of hours of screen time, trial and error, and trading my own funds. While my formal teaching provides a solid basis in my understanding of capital markets, there is no substitute for screen time. I blend auction theory, pattern analysis, market sentiment and order flow into an approach designed to do what few seem to talk about: making money. That is always my goal while taking risk management measures into strict consideration.


Our members likely noticed they receive the best of both worlds in the analysis provided. That is what happens when someone with an institutional money management background partners with someone with a retail trading background. I have learned so much from Marius and hopefully he has learned something from me. What our Elite Level Members can learn from the both of us is worth the price of admission. Above and beyond the reviews we got from our early subscribers, we have been able to validate one thing, that is that in just being ourselves we will be able to provide an enormous amount of value to fellow traders at a price you cannot beat.

Here is a link to sample letters you can take a look at: https://omahacharts.com/?page_id=5493

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Trent Smalley, CMT & Marius Alexe, CMT