Off The Charts – On Burnout

Off The Charts - On Burnout

Good Evening,

I write this to you after coming off of a mini hiatus. A hiatus from blogging, responding to emails, text messages, phone calls, and in general doing anything I didn’t want to do. Over this holiday week, I took the opportunity to enjoy some downtime. unplug and power down. I worked my fingers to the bone the first half of this year and was approaching that stage of burnout where even the smallest task seemed monumental. Responding to an email or text became too much to handle and the blinking screens of lights flashing green and red as stocks traded back and forth became a blur. That is when I knew it was time to take some time off.

Lucky for you guys, I am back now. Back and noticing things how the banks are all setup to make a move higher, Chinese tariffs don’t mean market selloffs and how everyone in finance land has become an expert on the yield curve.

We finished Friday with bullish breadth near 75% and the chart of the E-mini S&P 500 futures resembles a pattern I follow closely almost perfectly.

You know what else worked almost perfectly? My call that biotechs would be strong for summer. Every single day last week, waves of buying pressure sent countless biotech stocks higher. Watch for more of that to happen this week.

Also in the second half of 2018 I think it would be wise to allocate extra dollars to energy stocks, and to stop talking bad about Bitcoin. My cryptocurrency roadmap shows that even the most patient of investors are getting discouraged with their crypto longs. We know what that means…

Thanks for your patience while I was lazy. I am rested and ready to go.

Talk to you soon.