Hello again. It has been a few weeks since my last update and you will notice a few things have changed around here. Before you go making fun, realize that I attempted to learn WordPress and a new theme package for an overhaul of this place. Just like you are probably bad at trading and managing your own money, I am bad at WordPress. All jokes aside, the site isn’t quite done but getting there and it’s been a fun process to learn something about website design. I thank you for your patience. Back to business.

I think a great place to start is this rally we are having in Bitcoin. Just a few short months ago, the nearly forgotten world of cryptocurrency was nothing more than a joke among investment pros. A fad that came and went, stealing investor funds like a thief in the night. Long time readers know that I bought a few Bitcoin just over two years ago, along with Litecoin and Ethereum. I am pleased to announce I sold one of my BTC to fund the entirety of my cryptocurrency portfolio. It is all house money now.

I know that I originally said that I would never sell any of these, but over the course of the past year I have shifted a major focus to risk management. I would be demonstrating poor risk management if I didn’t take the opportunity to sell a small portion of my holdings on the way up. That is what I have done.

As the world of cryptocurrency is back in fashion, several new sites and channels have popped up, as expected with their price targets. I don’t spend any time listening to any price target analysis, but I will link here to a YouTube Channel I have enjoyed called Altcoin Daily. They dive into the fundamentals of Bitcoin and other alt currencies and I have learned quite a bit following them. Feel free to check them out while I finish the remainder of the site upgrade.

Nice to be back.

Trent J. Smalley. CMT

OmahaCharts Bitcoin Analysis - I'm Back, And I'm Playing With House Money