Adding Dynatrace To The Radar

In my weekend scans I came across a new company for the first time called Dynatrace. They IPO’d just a few months back and options began trading on the name in late October. Dynatrace is a software intelligence company providing application performance management, artificial intelligence for operations, cloud infrastructure monitoring, and digital experience management, with… Continue reading Adding Dynatrace To The Radar

Negative Shock May Bring An Opportunity For Patient Dip-Buyers

Finally An Opportunity For Dip Buyers? (MarketWatch) Investors Tread Carefully Following G20 Decision (Reuters) Apple’s Big Bet On Augmented Realilty (Bloomberg) Uber President Resigns (NYPost) Vodafone Looks For Dominance In India (WSJ) Shadow Lending Threatens China’s Economy (NYTimes) Why Is Silicon Valley So Awful To Women? (The Atlantic)