More Than Just A Game

When I was a youngster, video games were an activity to pass the time. My neighborhood friends and I spent hours upon hours in front of our Nintendos, Segas, and Playstations. We were pretty competitive and some matches even got fairly heated. But at the end of the day these games were just that. Today,… Continue reading More Than Just A Game

May Day In The News

Buffet’s $86 Billion Cash Pile Has Some Thinking “Huge Deal.” (Bloomberg) Govt. Shutdown Averted (Reuters) Detailing Amazon’s Custom Clothing Patent (NYT) How Tesla’s Elon Musk Learns Faster & Better Than Everyone Else ( Last Night’s “Billions” Episode Was Fire (NYT) Apple’s Cash Stockpile Expected To Top $250 Billion (MarketWatch) Dubai The First City In The… Continue reading May Day In The News