A Scan Of The News Before The Holiday

Tesla Model 3 Gets Regulatory Nod For Production (Reuters) Why Investors Should Brace For A Devastating Oil Shock (MarketWatch) 10 Best Independent Beers For The 4th Of July (MarketWatch) The Best First Half For Global Stocks Since 2009 (TRB) Microsoft Reportedly Set To Lay Off Thousands (BI) Humanity Spent 1.6 Trillion Hours On Mobile Apps… Continue reading A Scan Of The News Before The Holiday

The Market Gods Favor Hi-Crush Partners

f you fancy yourself a trade in the oil and gas services sector, might I recommend taking a look at $HCLP. As it sits, it is especially easy to manage as we will know within days, possibly less if we are wrong… If the name trades below the $12.25 to 12.40 level I would look… Continue reading The Market Gods Favor Hi-Crush Partners

He Shoots, He Scores

I’m taking a victory lap this morning after I pinpointed a tactical entry in $USO a couple weeks back. Out of about 15 bad calls in the energy space and with regards to Crude Oil, I sank this putt. You may remember my post on oil being full of mathematical and statistical jargon that put… Continue reading He Shoots, He Scores

The “Stock Market Storm” Is Coming

Bridgewater’s Dalio Says The Magnitude Of The Next Downturn Will Be Epic (MarketWatch) Is Trump Boosting The Economy? Goldman Finds Mixed Signals (MarketWatch) The Sad New Life Of Exiled Ruth Madoff (NYPost) Oil Surges 2.5%, Soothes Cyber Nerves (Reuters) The Secret Hit Making Power Of The Spotify Playlist (Wired) The Game Plan For The Week… Continue reading The “Stock Market Storm” Is Coming

Brace Yourselves…

Wall Street Preps For A Cautious Start As Fed Meeting Looms (MarketWatch) Money Managers Getting Nervous Over Oil (Bloomberg) Intel Buying Mobileye The Driverless Technology Firm For $15.3 Billion (Reuters) Massive Snowstorm Set To Hit New York (NYPost) Art Cashin Warns Of Disturbance In Market (CNBC) Concerns Over Risky Mortgages Sprouting (USA Today) Gold Flagged… Continue reading Brace Yourselves…