A Look Behind The Curtain

Recently I’ve received a few questions as to how I go about building a portfolio for either myself or a client. I thought it might be “fun” to put together a post that details out my process from top to bottom. What follows is an inside look at how I personally go about selecting securities… Continue reading A Look Behind The Curtain

A Freighting Theme Has Been Brought To Our Attention

Over the past several weeks, a theme has emerged that I wanted to take a moment to discuss. This situation has come up both with current as well as prospective clients and I wanted to put a short piece together which we can refer back to, hopefully for years to come. In my relatively short… Continue reading A Freighting Theme Has Been Brought To Our Attention

Photo Finish

Good afternoon and happy December. I wanted to provide a quick update on the JSPM-Omaha Growth Portfolio for the month of November. A more comprehensive look will be available at the end of the year, but the following will suffice for November’s statistics. The vast majority of investment managers are not going to go out… Continue reading Photo Finish

Alternative Investment Offerings

The world of investments doesn’t end with equities, fixed income, and cash which are covered in detail by the financial media each day. Additional opportunities exist within the investment stratosphere such as commodities, art, cryptocurrency, wine, real estate and precious metals, to name a few. These alternative investments allow for those who are qualified to… Continue reading Alternative Investment Offerings


Like so many other kids growing up in my generation, Michael Jordan was a hero. Perhaps said better, Michael Jordan was THE hero. I collected his trading cards, had his VHS tapes and his jerseys, and his posters lined my bedroom wall. In the 1995-1996 NBA season the Chicago Bulls set the then NBA record… Continue reading RARE AIR

JSPM-OMAHA Growth Model Portfolio Takes Flight

Hello again. In the past few weeks I have been hard at work building my first portfolio model under the JSPM Brand. As of this week, the portfolio is up and running and the first several clients have been transferred in. The portfolio is an equity growth strategy designed to generate an above-average, risk-adjusted rate… Continue reading JSPM-OMAHA Growth Model Portfolio Takes Flight