A Look Behind The Curtain

Recently I’ve received a few questions as to how I go about building a portfolio for either myself or a client. I thought it might be “fun” to put together a post that details out my process from top to bottom. What follows is an inside look at how I personally go about selecting securities… Continue reading A Look Behind The Curtain

More Than Just A Game

When I was a youngster, video games were an activity to pass the time. My neighborhood friends and I spent hours upon hours in front of our Nintendos, Segas, and Playstations. We were pretty competitive and some matches even got fairly heated. But at the end of the day these games were just that. Today,… Continue reading More Than Just A Game

You Are Here

You are Here Map Pin Location Navigation 3d Illustration

Good evening. I hope that you were able to take a look at my last two posts, “Has The Market Bottomed” and “Keep An Eye Out For The Deep V.” If you did and were able to put some money to work, or at the very least sit tight and refrain from selling too many… Continue reading You Are Here