The Chase For Performance Is On

  The asset management business in home to some of the most intelligent and competitive minds you will find anywhere. Especially those in the hedge fund space where performance dictates assets under management. Accredited investors seek outsized returns for their money and hedge fund managers take outsized risks in attempt to beat benchmark indexes and… Continue reading The Chase For Performance Is On

Biotech Stocks Not Done Yet

If you have been paying any attention to the U.S. Stock Market recently, you have seen the major rotation into Biotechnology stocks. Interest in the group may be correlated to the Obamacare repeal vote, but one chart in particular was all I needed to know that this rally was for real: $GILD Gilead the major… Continue reading Biotech Stocks Not Done Yet

Updated Biotech Trade Using $XBI

Back on November 16th of last year, I introduced you to a sentiment chart that hangs above my desk, taken from Justin Mamis’s “The Nature of Risk.” In that, I speculated that the $XBI ETF had entered the “Aversion” Stage of its cycle. You can read that post here: $XBI Trade Setup November 16th After… Continue reading Updated Biotech Trade Using $XBI